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Peer Review Process

The Blind Peer Review process is established to provide an arm’s length review of applications to present Workshops, Papers and Special Interest Groups at the Congress. In this process, the identities of reviewer and proposer are concealed from the reviewers and proposers, and vice versa, throughout the review process.  

All Expressions of Interest are entered on a master database by the IDEA Administrator. This database is then expanded to provide a specific ID, and details of proposal that removes identifiers such as the name of the proposer, and institution/organisation, etc.

Members of the International Academic Advisory Panel are forwarded the anonymised information about the proposal and asked to rate it against the following criteria:

  1. Relevance to Congress theme and points of focus

  2. Relevance to the proposed target audience: for example, Beginning teachers; Experienced teachers; Specific year levels; Boys/Girls/Special Education, Specific Communities such as Applied Theatre Practitioners; etc.

  3. Relevance to language groups

  4. Style of Presentation and suitability for Congress – for example, modes of participation – discussion, sharing, group devising, highly practical, hands-on etc;


This process of Peer Review will be undertaken on a rolling basis during the development of the Congress and completed by May 1 2020.


The names of the International Academic Advisory Panel will be published but, in keeping with the blind peer review process, the peer ratings/recommendations will not be published. 


Based on the recommendations of the Peer Review Process, the Organising Committee will make a selection of the presentations, chosen. The decisions of the Organising Committee will be final and no correspondence or questioning will be considered. 


Submissions of Expressions of Interest are made on the basis of proposers registering and committing to attend the IDEA2020 Congress.