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IDEA2020 Organisers


International Drama/Theatre and Education Association 

Associação Internacional de Teatro Educação

Association Internationale Théâtre et Éducation 

Associación Internacional Teatro y Educación 


IDEA is an international not for profit association. It is the premier, global body for drama/theatre education.

It operates across time zones, countries and cultures.

IDEA is open to national, regional and international associations and to other institutes, bodies, networks, organisation and individuals working in drama/theatre and education.

IDEA is an open and inclusive association. IDEA opposes discrimination on the basis of race, colour, national origin, language, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability.

IDEA was founded in Portugal in July 1992 through

the initial Congress in Oporto and was registered

under Portuguese law in 1994.

IDEA provides an international forum for communicating about, promoting and advocating for drama/theatre and education in schools, communities and all fields of endeavour. It does this through advocacy, publications, projects, research, Young IDEA, congresses and conferences and collaborations.

IDEA has held international congresses: Brisbane,

Australia, 1995; Kissumu, Kenya, 1998; Bergen,

Norway, 2001; Ottawa, Canada, 2004; Hong Kong,

SAR China, 2007; Belém, Brazil, 2010; Paris, France,

2013; the ninth Congress scheduled for Ankara,

Turkey in 2016/2017 was cancelled because of civil


IDEC介绍 About  IDEC

IDEC is the official institution authorized by the Ministry of Education of the PRC as an international platform to conduct academic exchange, practical guidance and conference. IDEC contributes to promoting drama and theatre education in China, establish excellent national platform for Chinese drama educators and practitioners to learn and share their practical experience. IDEC serves as  the animator, promoter, explorer, participant and practitioner of drama education in China for there Chinese Ministry of Education. 

Through introducing advanced drama approaches and practical experiences, we help to develop drama education research, launch drama education projects, assisting teaching and researching activities for a range of schools, institutions, and kindergartens. Our aim is to cultivate and train more drama educators and more teachers interested in using drama pedagogy across the curriculum.