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Expressions of Interest Presenting at IDEA2020


What can I offer?

Making an Expression of Interest

Updated 20 Jan

IDEA and IDEC invite members of IDEA and the international Drama/Theatre and Education community to submit expressions of interest to present at the IDEA2020 Congress. The Congress will be hosted by IDEC the International Drama Education Congress and BFSU Beijing Foreign Studies University from the 5-9 July 2020 in Beijing, China.



Drama, Theatre and Education: Constructing Humanity

____________________________________________________________议题   Focus topics:

1. 戏剧与多元文化的融合

Drama and Multiculturalism 



How is Drama a carrier of cultural inheritance?  How does Drama contribute to the development of traditional cultural artistic forms from various nationalities, times and places? How does Drama, as forms of education and communication, develop diverse cultural understandings? How does multiculturalism in Drama flourish in classroom process drama and in drama performance?


2. 从脑科学与深度学习角度探讨戏剧教育的重要意义

Brain Science and Deep Learning in, through and with Drama Education



How can we in drama, theatre and education connect with the research that has emerged in neuroscience and allied fields? 


3. 戏剧教育的师资培养与课程建设

Drama Teacher Education and Curriculum 



What are the contemporary emerging models of drama/theatre teacher education? What unfolding challenges are confronting teacher education currently? How can drama teacher education forge links with contemporary curriculum construction?


4. 戏剧、剧场与教育中的创新。

Innovation in Drama, Theatre and Education



 How does Drama promote creativity, imagination and innovation in Drama Education policy, research, curriculum and performance?

What is your IDEA2020 dream?

IDEA2020 is focused on affirming effective practice in all its plurality, leading and invigorating people and building relationships with creativity, confidence and innovation. The world of drama, theatre and education is wide. There are many approaches and possibilities. From its beginnings, IDEA has recognised this principle and is committed to inclusive drama, theatre and education practices and pedagogies. IDEA creates communities, generates energy and focuses forward through leadership and support. Each IDEA Congress carries forward that spirit, sets new contemporary challenges and advances the field.

As IDEA2020 is shaped and planned, we ask: what next for drama/theatre education? What will lead us to our next Zone of Development? What is changing? But, also, what is staying the same? What do we value from our shared story as drama/theatre educators but also, what are out ambitions and aspirations for our field?

Guidelines for Presentations

IDEA2020 is an international conference recognising diversity of languages and approaches. Presentations are made in English, Mandarin, French or Spanish and participants choose to attend activities in languages they can understand and speak.  

 You can select to present:

  • Workshop of your current and developing practice – 90 minutes practical demonstration of your approaches with time discussion and responses from participants. 20-40 participants

  • Academic Research Paper Presentation 20 minutes with 10 minutes for questions; presented in groups of three on similar topics and in same language groups. 20-30 participants; note, paper presentations may also include performance components (within the time limits) if required.

  • Special Interest Group (SIG) Panel – two or three 90 minutes sessions on an identified topic, presented over three days of the congress; participants are expected to commit to attending all the SIG panel sessions. 20-50 participants.

Try to be as detailed and specific as possible about your proposal. 

Identify how your participation meets the identified theme and topics.

Use the guided questions on the submission form to frame your workshop /research paper/SIG within the frame of the IDAE2020 Congress. Description.

Please specify requirements for your participation such as size of space, equipment such as data show projectors, etc.  

Please note: we cannot guarantee requests for specific numbers of delegates per workshop/paper presentation or SIG. Nor can we guarantee that all presentations will be fully subscribed. 

Any questions? 

Please email IDEA2020 Conference Co-Directors 


Date Due: From November 1 2019-May 1 2020.