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About the IDEA2020 Congress

IDEA and IDEC are proud to share with you the overall vision for this World Congress, through the IDEA2020 logo

The logo shows the time, place, host and partners, and the circle embodies the core value of the conference, that is to construct the shared values among the globe and build a common spiritual and cultural home through the drama education.


The C-shaped jade dragon from Hongshan, the most ancient cultural totem of the Chinese people, is the national and cultural feature of the host country.


Circle, is the symbol of tolerance, harmony, completeness, cooperation and remembering why we started in China.

It represents good wishes for the cooperation between IDEA and IDEC.

It implies that children can learn and achieve a lot from the drama education

Circle also features the drama course.

The ball in the middle simulates the the shape of the world, symbolizing a global meeting.



Drama Theatre and Education:

Constructing Humanity